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Portrait (small hair), 2022.jpg

The Book, 60 X 50 cm oil on linen

Deborah Walker has exhibited widely in Australia and internationally and been regularly short-listed in national art prizes. She has completed various commissions and received numerous grants, prizes and residences in the visual arts.  She is represented in public and private collections in Australia, Europe and USA.

Walker's images come to us from very far away.  It is as though they took an infinite time to reach us.  What we see is at once clear and utterly mysterious.  Here, clarity is the mode in which enigma or a mystery comes into view. We see things, to be sure. We see them as though for the first time because none of them has been stripped of (their) unique strangeness. There is a sense in Deborah Walker's images that things abide in a space of their own. 


Catalogue essayProf. Kevin Hart, University of Virginia, U.S.A.


Bayside Acquisitive Art Prize

Bayside Gallery Brighton

May - 6 July 2023

John Glover Prize

Evandale, Tasmania

10 - 19 March, 2023

Portia Geach Prize

S.H. Ervin Gallery


15 September - 28 November, 2022

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