People often say my paintings look like there is some mystery about to happen. Kevin Hart the Australian poet observered that "...the images seem to come from very far away, and yet what we see is at once clear and utterly mysterious."


2018 Portia Geach Prize

The Compass (with ladder)
The Compass (with ladder), oil on linen

Solo exhibition - Carlisle Street Arts Space
19 September - 17 October 2018

The Compass
The Compass, oil on linen

2017 Gallipoli Art Prize - Finalist

Le Grand Pere
Le Grand Pere - oil on linen

2016 Portia Geach Memorial Prize - Finalist

Wren The Wren, oil on linen

Semi-Finalist - Doug Moran Painting Prize - 2016

Melancholy Melancholy - After Durer - oil on 2 linen panels 60 x 120 cm

2015 Doug Moran Portrait Prize - Finalist

Moran prize

2014 Gold Coast Prize - Acquired

Phone The Phone, diptych, oil on board

2016 Redlands Art Prize - Finalist

GreenTin The Green Tin, oil on 2 panel linen, 60 X 100 cm

2016 Bayside Art Prize - Finalist

Borrowed Borrowed, oil on 2 linen panels, 50 X 100 cm

2014 Portia Geach Memorial Prize - Finalist

Portia Geach Library, oil on wood diptych

2013 Portia Geach Memorial Prize - Finalist

Dictionary Dictionary, portrait of Xi Guo, at S. H. Ervin Gallery, Sydney